The Product

The Canalla identity

En estos tiempos de cambio, hemos decidido evolucionar nuestra propuesta de forma constante; hacia la cercanía de producto, la sostenibilidad y la ecología. Es muy habitual leer y escuchar la palabra ecología de manera demasiado banal. Desde Plaza Canalla hemos tomado un compromiso con productores (la mayoría de ellos de la provincia de Alicante) que están muy comprometidos, no solo con su trabajo,
sino también con la tierra.


Our identity, both in the solid and liquid part, is based on unique and perfectly distinguishable flavors and smells with the important touch of the local product freshness. This is our way of embracing gastronomy; we have a point of view where the roots and tradition are not altered by the avant-garde trend, because for us they complement and nurture each other.


Our origin is marked by the Mediterranean environment, where we can find seafood, a wide variety offer of land products, artisanal cheese, ice creams and the excellent wines that the Province of Alicante provide us. This closeness makes us increasingly committed to our environment and we have understood that we don’t need to search quality products hundreds miles way, because near us we have local products with an unbeatable quality.

Our dishes

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