La Gabriel Miró Square is a square located in the city centre of Alicante (España). También es conocida popularmente como plaza de Correos, en recuerdo de las oficinas principales de la Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos que estuvieron ubicadas en la plaza.

This square is also known as “Plaza de las Barcas”, because, in the Medieval period, boats tied up in this square. Later it was called “Plaza de Isabel II”, because of the queen. Finally, it was called Gabriel Miro square, in memory of the writer Gabriel Miró, honourable son of the city. It has a square shape and among its elements stand out several centennial Ficus (catalogued as monumental trees), The fountain of the wáter Carrier was a masterpiece built by Vicente Bañuls in 1918.


The place is surrounded by towering centuries-old trees, that give this place a magical atmosphere. The light of this place is unique. It will make you fall in love from any angle. It’s a true urban oasis.

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